Blue Flag



Blue Flag

Beach of excellence: Cavallino-Treporti

Since 2006, the Cavallino-Treporti coastilne has continuously received the "Blue Flag" badge. This is a prestigious international award, which is awarded to tourist resorts of excellence. These resorts are distinguished by clean bathing water, the quality of their services offered and by their respect for the environment and its management.

The prize is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) with the participation of UNEP - the United Nations Environment Programme for the Environment and the World Tourism Organization. To receive this prize, the tourist areas undergo a thorough analysis and must meet certain quality criterium every year. The areas of evaluation are: environmental management, water quality, environmental education, services offered and security.

Eco-sustainable holidays for all the family

This year, the Blue Flag was once again awarded to the Cavallino coast, confirming its status as a unique territory of great natural and environmental value. Thanks to the work of all of its tourism operators, the coastline aims to constantly raise quality standards to ensure a more sustainable tourism.

A great natural and environmental value

The Blue Flag beaches on the Cavallino coast provide you with the opportunity to consciously choose a sustainable holiday for your entire family. You will be in a pristine environment of rare beauty, where every detail is perfected whilst always retaining its authenticity. It has excellent services dedicated to tourists, an efficient recycling system and a safe and clean sea and beach in a neat and welcoming area.

This is a BLUE FLAG Beach

This means that the water you swim in is regularly checked and the results are transferred to a report every fortnight to guarantee a healthy environment to all residents and guest.
The BLUE FLAG is an initiative from the FEE - Foundation for Environmental Education, the internatiional network of no profit environmental education. It is present in over 30 countries.

The main criteria

  • High standard of water quality
  • Beach is kept clean at all times
  • No discharge of industrial or sewage water
  • Water test results available
  • Blue Flag information readily available
  • Enforcement of bans on activities that constitute a hazard for swimmers
  • Efficient beach facilities
  • Easy access for people with disabilities
  • Positioning of life jackets and rescue craft
  • Balance between beach activities and nature conservation
  • Partner
  • Municipality of Cavallano Treporti
  • Via dei Forti
  • Veneto - Land of Venice
  • Venice Sands