Photographic exhibition
Photographic exhibition

Photographic exhibition

From Saturday the 25th of July it will be possible to visit the exhibition "L'obiettivo su Cavallino-Treporti" organized by the Municipality of Cavallino-Treporti where the most significant photos created for the collection of the 5 books about our land will be exhibited.

A multi-thematic project that in recent years has deepened the knowledge of our territory by focusing on history, culture and traditions through volumes:

vol. 1 - Fortifications - fragments of war - 2016
vol. 2 - Roots - cultural depths - 2017
vol. 3 - Professions - identity in gestures - 2018
vol. 4 - Habitat - chromatic research - 2019
vol. 5 - Souls - liquid borders - 2020

The exhibition will be open until the 6th of September, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 18.30 to 22.00 at the Manin cultural center in Ca'Savio.
Free entry.

Mostra fotografica

Centro culturale Daniele Manin, Ca' Savio

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