Gliding on the waters of the northern lagoon

While sailing along the canals you can observe the wonderful sceneries the landscape offers. An environment as unique and fascinating in its kind as simple and unpolluted: a real paradise for many animals, especially for the water-birds. Among the barene (saltmarshes), in the water mirrors and through the thick vegetation, you can glimpse little egrets, with white plumage and a long black beak, the very elegant pink flamingoes, the agile black-winged stilt, with its long red legs and many other varieties of birds that inhabit undisturbed this amazing avifaunistic oasis.


The shores of the Upper Adriatic and the curvy lagoon canals will amaze adults, teenagers and children, making this adventure all the more special for the whole family.

Excursions for the whole family

It’s very easy: you just need to go to Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta, in the centre of Cavallino, and you’ll find the office of “Laguniamo”. There you can rent an electric boat, or if you prefer a little more sport, a kayak will give you the possibility to get closer to the lagoon plant life and the fauna.
Ready to leave?
With a map, you can move throughout the calm waters of the northern lagoon: from Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta sail to the right along the Casson Canal, at the croassroads, you can take the way to Lio Piccolo, the heart of the Lagoon. 
Here some useful advice on how you can deal with this adventure:

1- Go slowly, electric boats have limited speed; remember to be careful and to respect the surrounding nature.

2- If you are sailing with an electric boat, always keep the centre of the canal, to avoid getting stranded. It is not dangerous but otherwise they have to come and rescue you.

3- Bring some food with you, but don’t feed the fish or birds.

4- Respect the ecosystem, don’t leave rubbish in the lagoon, don’t litter  in the water or in the sandbanks.

5- Always bring a bottle of fresh water with you.

6- Don’t forget to wear a hat to protect yourself from sunstrokes.

7- It’s always recommended to wear a t-shirt.

8- Bring a repellent spray against mosquitoes with you, we are in a natural environment after all.

Choose the excursion that's right for you and your family!

If you sail to the left, you’ll coast the Pordelio Canal heading for Punta Sabbioni. This is also the water stretch where many regattas take place, but it’s also a passageway for motor boats and commercial boats of citizen who work in the fishing and craft industries. Therefore you have to be careful. Also here you’ll find large saltmarshes with little egrets and birds relaxing: have fun, enjoy the landscape but remember you are a guest of this ecosystem.

Choose the suitable fun-formula for you and for your family.​

At “Laguniamo” you can rent small boats without skipper, with electric motors or gasoline engine. No licence is required. 
The ideal solution for birdwatching enthusiasts and silent lovers or for those who wish to practise a healthy sport and breathing some fresh air.

Sail with us and live the Lagoon of Venice as never before!

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