A day at the lighthouse beach

In the summertime you can live the beach of Cavallino Treporti from dawn to dusk… and more.

Do you also think a day at the beach is the best?
Admit it. Who wouldn’t like to live at the sea 365 days a year? 
So, the moment when - for the first time, after a long grey winter spent in the city – you could smell the scent of the sea, feel the sand under your feet and the breeze on your face, is going to be truly special. Maybe the best time of the year. 

Ready to enjoy the beach?​

Here our suggestions to fully enjoy the beach with your friends, with your partner, with your family or by yourself!

A itinerary between the golden sand, the lighthouse and the pinewood

The best moment to start off is certainly early morning, when the sun is rising and warm kisses the golden sand.

The itinerary we recommend you today is: 

Departure from Via Montello, access to the beach from Via Pealto, take a long walk up to the tip of the Lighthouse of Punta Sabbioni. Here you can sit on the rocks, let the mild early morning sun kiss you and breathe deeply the sea air. 

On the way back you can choose the trail which runs parallel to the shoreline, just behind the dunes. If you enter the pinewood you can walk among native plants that grow in this area. If you are lucky you could also bump into a funny wild leveret.

The free beach of Punta Sabbioni​

At the extreme end of Cavallino Treporti, near the port mouth of Lido - the entrance to the lagoon of Venice - Punta Sabbioni immediately surprises with its 2 km stretch of golden sand.
Indispensable stop-over for those who love sea and nature, on their own, with their family or with a four-legged friend. In Punta Sabbioni, in fact, not only you can swim in a sea awarded with the “Blue Flag” since 2006, but you can also enjoy a splendid view of Venice and a wild beach characterized by golden fine sand.

To start the day

Whether you sleep on your camper van or in a hotel room with all comforts, when you wake up, you only need a rich breakfast!
So, put on the right outfit: swim suit, flip flops, a straw hat and reach the beach kiosk next to the Lighthouse of Punta Sabbioni. Here you can have a typical Italian breakfast: croissant and cappuccino with sea front view included!
What do you think? Splendid, isn’t it?

Let’s start a day of sun, sea and beach at last!

The moment has come: the beach is waiting for you!
A nice refreshing bath and some rest under the sun is everything you need, to regenerate body and mind!
Immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea, enjoy the warmth of the sun, allow yourself some time to get tanned (your friends in the city will envy you!).  

A tasty meal

It’s time for lunch!
There are two options: a picnic in the shade or a lunch made with fresh fish.
Under the sun, but protected by the beach umbrella, here’s all sorts of Italian food coming out of the must-have cool box, just like magic! For many of us, summer at the beach means ‘rice salad’. A lot of water and fresh juices or tea will be the perfect allies to complete your picnic.
If you’d like to eat some excellent fresh fish instead, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 
Get on your bike and reach one of the many restaurants in the surroundings that always offer excellent zero-mile fresh dishes made even better by the typical politeness and friendliness of the managers.
Our mouth is already watering!

Afternoon and drinks​

In the late afternoon, when the sun begins to set, the temperature becomes milder and staying at the beach is even more pleasant.
It’s happy hour time and we are ready to sip a good drink (we recommend the traditional Venetian “Spritz”) with our the feet in the sand. Reach the nearest beach kiosk, from the tables on the beach you’ll be able to admire a wonderful sunset.
You would never leave, isn’t?
After a day under the sun and the must-have cocktail at the beach, it’s a must to remain to find out the romantic and enchanting side of Cavallino Treporti, and we bet you’ll love it so much that you would never leave!

And to end in style…​

The moon, the starry sky, the cheerfulness, the music, the laughter with friends…and the midnight swim!
Yes, get ready, because this will certainly cross somebody’s mind!
So, just give up, because a midnight swim is something you should absolutely do at least once in a lifetime!

(When) In front of the sea, happiness is a simple idea. (Jean-Claude Izzo)

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