Fishermen's House

Recently restored with European funds, the Fishermen's House of Cavallino Treporti hosts active fishermen cooperatives in our lagoon and our sea. It is the first consortium approach in the area, with 150 employees dedicated to small lagoon and coastal fishing (from 5 meters up to 14/15 meters for fishing at sea). The activities are 100% artisanal, with very low environmental impact. Various fishing tools are used, and the contact is hand-to-fish; no trawl nets are used. The work is daily, ensuring the fish is fresh for the day.
From every gesture of these fishing artisans, their passion for their work, the expertise passed down from generation to generation, and the creativity that drives them to find solutions to problems created by climate change and the invasion of alien species are evident.

Since last September, the Fishermen's House has been open to the public and offers an "ittiturismo" program that seeks to enhance the catch by shortening the supply chain. At the moment, it is not yet possible to buy the freshly caught fish, but it can be tasted in "cicchetti" with a spritz or you can book a dinner to enjoy in the garden of the house.

Boat trips with the fishermen are also planned to learn about the various fishing systems and the areas where they are adopted. Fishing tourism here is not exclusive; it is only an additional income system. It conveys a system of values and knowledge that is usually hidden, where work, daily life, effort, and craftsmanship are experienced first-hand. It is experiential tourism for families and small groups.
Thanks to an application called "I Lagoon," an atlas of fishing in multiple languages, containing everything that has been scientifically codified by the cooperative, names and habits of different fish species can be learned, which will then be experienced firsthand through fishing.

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