Go Green!

We have been entrusted with a beautiful and delicate territory that gives us unforgettable emotions every day. We have the privilege of taking care of it and offering it to our guests through our beaches, kilometers of cycle paths, breathtaking sunsets, the vegetables from our fields, and the catch of the day  from our valleys.

The high concentration of open-air facilities identifies us as leaders in the Open-Air concept. Mainly campsites and villages, but also hotels and vacation homes, are distributed in the green, nestled between a UNESCO Heritage lagoon and the sea.

A network of professionals focused on comfort, accessibility, and constant innovation, while respecting the environment and the social fabric of the area, guarantees a wide range of offerings, from small family-run establishments to villages with thematic water parks and high standards.

Every year, we invest in training and technology to ensure the well-being of guests and collaborators and to offer a product that is always up to date. However, we never forget our roots, which we honour by taking care of our historical heritage, visitable through the Forts' Route, the Battery Pisani Museum, or the Borgo di Lio Piccolo.

In July 2022, the second section of the suspended cycle path on the lagoon was completed, enriching the open-air leisure offerings, which already include themed walking or cycling paths, water surfaces for all rowing sports, and 15 km of the finest sandy beaches.

Now, we would like to accompany you on the journey we decided to embark on several years ago, which we felt was natural from the very beginning. Aware that there is still much to be done and that we cannot do it alone, but perhaps with your help, we have decided not to delegate to the future what we can do today.

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