The "Patentino" Project

The "Patentino" is a lifelong learning project born from the desire to share in-depth information and knowledge of the territory. It does so through training sessions and discussions led by qualified teachers and experts in specific subjects.

The project offers seminars and specialized courses aimed at enhancing what Cavallino-Treporti has to offer in terms of human resources and tourism. It explores the environmental and historical peculiarities, presents technological and innovative themes, and provides professional and language training.


The foundational values of the project are collective growth and a deep understanding of the territory, as well as the opportunity for socialization and exchange.

The educational offerings of the seminars and courses included in the program are completely free for participating students, with the intention of making it accessible to all and promoting continuous growth and development.

For us, investing in education means investing in the human resources of the territory, providing everyone with the opportunity to integrate, become independent, and highly qualified. It strengthens the bond between the territory and productive activities and prepares the territory to welcome guests with valid tools and shared professionalism.

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  • Municipality of Cavallano Treporti
  • Via dei Forti
  • Veneto - Land of Venice
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