Beach and Dog Access: Reopening of the Ca' Ballarin Sea Access

Regulation of Sea Access Dedicated to Dogs

Regulation of Sea Access Dedicated to Dogs

The Municipality of Cavallino-Treporti has decided to reopen the beach on via Berton in Ca' Ballarin on an experimental basis to allow access for pets, particularly dogs.

This initiative involves careful and controlled management of access, with the aim of ensuring prudent and respectful use of the space.

Booking Procedure

The area designated for dogs can accommodate up to 25 animals simultaneously, divided into 15 spots for visitors and 10 reserved for residents of Cavallino-Treporti.

Access is allowed only by reservation, which can be made daily or weekly via a QR code available at the Da Lorenzo kiosk.

This measure, in force until September 30, 2024, was established following an agreement between the municipal administration and the kiosk, identifying an appropriate area to meet the needs of dog owners.

Some recommendations

Some recommendations

The initiative aims to provide a safe and controlled space where dogs can enjoy the beach, improving the experience for all users while ensuring compliance with regulations and safety conditions.

  • Mandatory Reservation: Ensure you book access for your dog at the Da Lorenzo kiosk using the available QR code. Only reserved dogs can access the beach on via Berton.
  • Respect the Behavior Rules: Keep your dog under control and on a leash. Always pick up after your dog and use the appropriate waste containers.
  • Continuous Supervision: Never leave your dog unattended. Ensure you monitor your pet's behavior to guarantee its safety and that of everyone on the beach.
  • Reserved Areas: Respect the designated dog areas.
  • Safety and Well-being: Provide your dog with fresh water and shade to protect it from excessive heat. Ensure your dog is in good health and vaccinated before bringing it to the beach to prevent potential health issues.

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