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Rent a boat

Rent a boat

The latest generation of boats can be hired with or without a driver.
These types of boats can accommodate up to 8 people and are equipped with a 40 HP engine with low emissions, designed to respect the lagoon ecosystem.

A charter boat excursion can be a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. An excursion that can be enjoyed for a few hours or the whole day, depending on requirements and availability. The boat trip allows you to explore the waters of the Lagoon from a different point of view, admire breathtaking views and enjoy time outdoors.


Blue Dream by Michael Costantini
Address: Via Pordelio 286, Ca' Ballarin
Info and boat reservations: +39 388 8072330


Some suggestions for planning a chartered boat excursion

  1. Choose your destination and plan your itinerary: decide in advance where you want to sail to get off to a relaxed start. It could be a short trip along the Pordelio Canal to discover the flora and fauna of the Lagoon, or a longer tour visiting islands such as Sant'Erasmo, San Francesco, Burano or Torcello. Before setting off, we advise you to ask about the route and the stops you wish to visit along the way. This will help you consider the distances and navigation time needed to reach the various destinations. We also recommend taking into account the weather conditions and available time.
  2. Choose the boat: consider the type of boat that best suits your needs and abilities, such as chartering with a driver to fully enjoy the excursion without any worries, or chartering a boat without licence to navigate independently among the "barene".
  3. Beware of local rules: Be sure to observe the regulations governing navigation in the area you are in. These may include speed limits, anchoring zones, access restrictions or specific requirements. The map provided by the charter company contains all relevant information for smooth sailing.
  4. Briefing: Before setting off, Blue Dream offers a short briefing on the chartered vessel. Make sure you understand how the boat works, including navigation systems, safety procedures and anchoring.
  5. Respect the environment and rowing boats: During the excursion, take care not to damage the marine environment, respect protected areas and do not litter the sea. Always slow down near rowing boats, which always have priority in the Venice Lagoon.

Always remember that safety is paramount during a chartered boat excursion. Follow the charter agency's guidelines and use common sense for smooth and enjoyable navigation.



With Blue Dream's Bike & Boat service it is possible to board a boat directly with your bike to complete the cycle route around the North Lagoon. The embarkation/disembarkation points are organised in such a way as to allow you to complete the full 40-km loop or to reach Ca' Ballarin and the wonderful cycle path suspended over the Lagoon.

NEW 2023
As of this year, a fully accessible boat has arrived in the Blue Dream fleet, which from Ca' Ballarin will also allow people with reduced mobility to sail to Lio Piccolo, where a new, easy landing/embarkation jetty has been set up.

We suggest that you always book your bike place in advance, to avoid the risk of being stranded!

Bike & Boat Blue Dream
Address: Via Pordelio 286, Ca' Ballarin
Info and reservations Bike&Boat: +39 324 800 4325 (reservations also via Whatsapp)

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