Cavallino dog-friendly

On holiday we like to imagine you relaxed and without worries, so we decided to summarize in this article all the useful information for a holiday with your four-legged friend.

In the many campsites and hotels on the coast where animals are allowed, in addition to providing dedicated services, you will often also find a stretch of beach and sea reserved for dogs.

As for the free beach, according to the municipal ordinance, there are four accesses along the coast where animals are allowed on the beach:

- Access to the sea n. 1
Lungomare Dante Alighieri, Punta Sabbioni
(only here bathing is allowed to dogs)

- Access to the sea n. 8
via Retrone, Ca 'Savio

- Access to the sea n. 22
via Berton, Ca 'Ballarin

- Access to the sea n. 31
via Tamigi, Cavallino

Be careful to not disturb any of the animals living on the dunes and, above all, do not go anywhere near any nests. In those areas where dogs are allowed, please keep your dog on a leash.


Jambo beach 32, Via Jonio, Cavallino
Baia del Sol, via Berton, Ca 'Ballarin


Public transport

All dogs must have a muzzle and a leash. Small pets are allowed free transport if contained in the special baskets and kept by the owners.
Medium and large-sized dogs pay full fare ticket and they cannot occupy seats. The transport of guide dogs is free to accompany the blind or deaf.

On board the vehicles are allowed for free transport, up to a maximum of one per passenger: dogs must be kept on a leash or in their arms, with a muzzle, as required by current legislation.

Pet shops

Pet shops

• Supermercato A&O (summer only), Via Hermada 42

• Ta’ ZOA Negozio per animali, via Fausta 76A
• Agritec, via Treportina 17
• Supermercato A&O Punta Gialla, via Treportina 32°

• Agraria Hydra, via della Ricevitoria 20

• Agraria del Cavallino, piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta 19
• Supermercato Alì, piazzetta della Libertà 1


Pet friseur

• SplendiDog Toelettatura, piazzetta della Libertà 17


Zucchetta Dr. Sandro: via Fausta 79 - Ca 'Savio, +39 041 5301085 (for emergencies call the San Donà office: +39 0421 560372)
Mare Blu Veterinary: via delle Saline II Ramo 21 - Cavallino, +39 041 3191423 (for emergencies +39 349 4240967)

Running area and Agility

Dog walking area and Agility course available for a fee at the Cavallino Dog Club, inside the Sport Center in via Fausta loc. Ca 'Ballarin (frontXLido Camping)

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