Lio Piccolo

Lio Piccolo's train

Lio Piccolo's train

From September 1st to June 30th, the area of Lio Piccolo and Mesole is a Protected Zone of Urban Significance with restrictions on access for private motor vehicles, according to Local Police Ordinance No. 33/2021.

From September 17, 2022, a rubber-tired train service will start connecting the Treporti Cemetery parking lot with Borgo di Lio Piccolo. 

The service will operate on pre-holidays and holidays (saturdays and sundays) until November 1st, 2022, and will thus allow people to reach Lio Piccolo by an alternative low-speed means of transport, which will allow them to comfortably admire the views of the northern lagoon on days when the planned restrictions on private motor vehicles are in force.

Tickets can only be purchased on board before departure. No intermediate stops are provided. Bicycles are not allowed.


3€ one way
5€ return ticket
gratis for children under 4 years accompanied by an adult


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  • Municipality of Cavallano Treporti
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