Tourist Medicine Service

Tourist Medicine

Tourist Medicine

The coastal areas of Cavallino-Treporti, Jesolo, Eraclea, Caorle, and Bibione offer the Tourist Medicine service, which is currently in full operation. This innovative service, provided by General Practitioners and Continuous Care physicians, has been designed to effectively meet the healthcare needs of the tourist population.

Service Benefits

The Tourist Medicine service allows visitors to quickly access care for minor codes, offering a dedicated and fast pathway. In addition to immediate care, tourists can obtain valid medical prescriptions to collect or purchase medications at local pharmacies.

This approach not only improves access to care for our guests but also alleviates the burden on Emergency Points, reducing wait times for more severe cases and improving the timeliness of care for major codes.

Service Fees

Service Fees

The fees applied for Tourist Medicine services are as follows:

Clinic visit: €25.00
Home visit: €40.00
Repetitive medical acts: €5.00

These fees are applicable to all applicants, whether residents or non-residents of the regional territory, including residents of the tourist location itself. Additionally, to prevent inappropriate access to the Emergency Room, the same fees also apply to non-deferrable services provided by the Continuous Care service to non-residents in Veneto.

Below, we publish the schedule with the hours of the coastal clinics.

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