The locally sourced products of Cavallino-Treporti
The locally sourced products of Cavallino-Treporti

The locally sourced products of Cavallino-Treporti

Flavours of the garden

The farms of the littoral are mainly family-run businesses and pass on their knowledge from generation to generation. That’s why, it will be a real privilege, to visit the vegetable gardens and have a talk with the people who grow them with passion: you will find out fragments of life of a territory guardian of a long history, that gives us today a unique environment of rare beauty. An environment to discover: its places, its breathtaking nature, the tangible signs of the past and the people who inhabit it: generous, welcoming, warm. Just like our region.

From the vegetable garden to your table: excellent horticultural   production, only locally sourced products

Crossing the territory of Cavallino-Treporti, along the wonderful lagoon of Venice, you can see numerous greenhouses.
Fruits and vegetables of high quality, tasty and wholesome are grown here.
The peculiarity of our lands, inserted between the ecosystem of the lagoon and that of the sea, gives to the products an unmistakable taste, much appreciated from kids and adults alike.

If you really love nature, our territory is certainly the ideal place for a sustainable holiday with your family.

A wide selection to your table

During your stay you could taste our locally sourced vegetables and fruits, buy them in our markets or directly from the producers to whom you can talk to a little to know better how to cultivate the vegetables, and maybe ask for some new recipes.
You can also find the taste of our horticultural products in the dishes of our culinary tradition. Dishes proposed by the local restaurants of the area, during festivals or food-and-wine events or even preparing them by yourselves.
Tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, courgettes, artichokes, salads and a lot more are the products of the territory that you can try “au naturel”, or ready-to-eat: pre-cooked or as preserves. 

Take home our products

Many of our agricultural products are sold and eaten here, for a more sustainable tourism and economy, but a good part of the products are destined for mass distribution, at national and international level. So, once you are back home, you will rediscover the flavours ans smells of your holiday.

Discover the vegetable garden of Cavallino-Treporti and allow yourself the pleasure of an authentic healthy break.
An advice? Stop for a simple break during your ride and enjoy a wrap full of sweet olive tomatoes!

Direct sale of our locally sourced products:

  • Debora Fabbro, via A. Fradeletto 23/D, Punta Sabbioni
  • Marzio e Francesco Nardin, via Faitema, Cavallino
  • Roberto Scarpa, via Pealto 19, Punta Sabbioni
  • Michele Borgo, via Sparesera 6, Lio Piccolo
  • Riccardo Marangon, via Pordelio, Ca’ Ballarin
  • Giuliano Bozzato, via delle Boarie 13/2, Cavallino
  • Nesto Nicoletta, via Pordelio, Cavallino

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Tastes and flavours of the territory
Tastes and flavours of the territory
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