Child-friendly adventures
Child-friendly adventures

Child-friendly adventures

6 funny activities in the open air for the whole family!​

If you dream about a holiday dedicated to sport in the open air, and in touch with nature, here are 6 ideal activities for a trip with your children.

Bike ride surrounded by the nature

Discover the 4 family-friendly cycle routes, where adults and kids can have fun in full safety! You just need a bike, a water bottle and … a lot of energy!

The fishing valleys

Even though the kids are not great walkers, they will be surely happy of exploring the nature. We suggest, in particular, the tour of the fishing valleys of Saccagnana, Mesole and Lio Piccolo. (Mainly visible from the outside except the Sacchetta Valley)

Discovering the lagoon by canoe

Get in a canoe and set off to discover the lagoon’s most hidden barene (saltmarshes). If you are lucky, you might also see some rare species of bird…or the famous pink flamingos!

An electric boat trip to Burano

Rent an electric boat and sail the northern lagoon up to Burano, the most coloured island of the lagoon of Venice.

Playing some sport barefooted

Beach volley or beach soccer? You just need to choose! Find a peaceful corner of the beach for you and…start the challenge!

A refreshing swim

And to end in style…a nice dip in the sea! After so much effort, there’s nothing better than relaxing at the beach.

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Discover the 4 naturalistic routes
Discover the 4 naturalistic routes
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