Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

"Walking presupposes that at every step the world changes in some aspect and also that something changes in us."
Italo Calvino

Those familiar with this sport know that there are at least 12 good reasons to practice it. It tones your muscles, reinforces your immune system, helps you lose weight and manage your stress, develops your creativity, increases your endurance, allows you to socialise, entertains you, favours the contact with nature, improves your cardiocirculatory system, your psychophysical balance and your self-esteem.

Walking is good for your heart, your soul and your spirit in a natural and eco-friendly way.


For those who want to practice Nordic walking, Cavallino Treporti offers about 100 km of itineraries to experience an enviably beautiful landscape between sea and lagoon.



On a clear day, with no clouds in sight, you might go from seeing the snowed mountains to the salt marshes inhabited by little egrets and little grebes, to then pass through the pinewoods and reach the sea that is starting to get crowded by bathers. And this range of landscapes is made even richer by the colours that each of these has, depending on the time of the day. The golden tones of sunrise are replaced by strong light-blue colour and by blue tones that are then replaced by all shades of red at sunset.

Together with colours, also smells take over each other. The fresh air of the fields, the briny of the lagoon, the resin from the pines and the smell of the sea.

The silence is interrupted only by the noise of steps and sticks, or by the noisy flight of some birds.

All senses are involved in this search for one’s most authentic self that leads to an open mind, to clearer ideas and to get out of the daily routine.

Sport events already organised by local associations are already many. Among them we suggest the Lagoon Run and the Sunset Run.


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