Birdwatching between Sea and Lagoon
Birdwatching between Sea and Lagoon

Birdwatching between Sea and Lagoon

Respect nature and you’ll discover its beauty

It’s really exciting to get lost in the little pieces of heaven of this coast where nature and history blend harmoniously: you can contemplate seagulls, heron, cormorants and little egrets, observe the elegant pink flamingoes or  discover the fishing valleys where eels, basses and sea breams are bred.

The ecosystem is as much fragile as unique:  a narrow strip of land surrounded by the sea and by the lagoon that gives us a wide variety of rare animal and plant species.

The birds of the Lagoon

The species of birds flying on the lagoon during the four seasons are hundreds, more than 250, maybe 300.
A continental heritage of species, whose dimensions, ecological role, regularity and shape are really different. A living universe of amazing greatness and complexity, fascinating beyond words and of supreme beauty.
The nesting birds represent the most precious part, not only for their presence during the favourable season, when it’s easier to observe them, but also, and above all, because their behaviour in this peculiar phase result complicated and interesting. 
The wedding ceremonies of the different species and their nuptial livery, sometimes showy, turn  observation into learning of the bird’s ethology.

Flora and fauna of the barene (saltmarshes)

The lagoon environment is characterized by the presence of the barene (islets of ground periodically flooded from the tide) and other elements, like the ghebi (small canals that cross the barene) and the fishing valleys.

Concerning the flora, there are species that love to live in brackish environments and therefore are called Halophilic: plants that, with various adaptations, become able to tolerate high concentrations of salt and, due to poorly permeable soils, don’t have particularly evolved root systems that allow them to grow in height.

Authors: Cristina Cadamuro for plants, Paolo Toffoli for the birds, texts by Antonio Padovan. Production by the Società Remiera Cavallino.

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Discovering the charm of the lagoon
Discovering the charm of the lagoon
Lights and colours at sunset
Lights and colours at sunset
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