Discovering the charm of the lagoon
Discovering the charm of the lagoon

Discovering the charm of the lagoon

A natural oasis of authentic beauty

The lagoon of Venice laps on the north coast of the Cavallino Treporti Peninsula. It is a natural environment of rare and incomparable beauty and has remained naturally beautiful over time. It astounds the eyes and the soul.

For centuries it has been a protagonist and spectator of the history and memory of this charming coast. It has witnessed all the series of events in the communities in the region. It welcomed the ships of farmers who once went to the vegetable market of Rialto to sell their products. It has seen the construction of old farmhouses and houses on wooden stilts, also known as the "fisherman's huts". It has also witnessed the construction of forts, batteries, telemetry towers, barracks and bunkers, built to protect Venice during the Great War.

Discovering the lagoon

With its canals, stretches of water and lagoon valleys, this corner of paradise offers extraordinary scenery. The perfect backdrop for an adventure set in wild but inviting nature. You can discover the lagoon on foot or by bicycle, along the banks, or by boat along the canals. It's slow moving flow allows you the privilege of admiring it quietly, almost suspended in time. Exactly the kind relaxing time you look for on an outdoor holiday.

The silence and the sounds of nature will surprise you and give you an unexpected experience. You will enjoy the lapping of the water as the boat glides along the canal, the rustle of the trees, the flapping of wings and the chatter of Egrets, the noises of the fish that fearlessly dart out of the water, the silent and slow flight of the seagulls and of the black winged stilts and the courteous greeting of the fishermen.
Every part of it is a unique and unpredictable scene. You could even come across cormorants, one of the few species of birds that can move their eyes. Or maybe even see a heron trying to hunt, using a whole variety of techniques, including postures and movements that will surprise you. Once again nature will show itself in all its greatness.

Awaken your senses

Open your ears and eyes and dive into the beautiful lagoon landscape, its imperfections and surprises that you will see before your eyes.
Let yourself be intoxicated by the scent of salt from the canals and let the aromatic smell of Artemisia turn on your senses.
Feel the authenticity of these places, an ecosystem of unrivaled beauty that displays its wildest and most untamed characteristics and that welcomes you with its rugged charm.

Here you will find that even the man-made landscapes, such as the fish farms and the "peocere", fit perfectly in uncontaminated areas of this oasis of birdlife. You will see that they were made in full respect of nature and its slow evolution.

You should go and venture into the exclusive lagoon landscape!

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