Lights and colours at sunset
Lights and colours at sunset

Lights and colours at sunset

Sunsets: a festival of colours

There are such wonders in this world that often pass unnoticed. One of these wonders is the sight of sundown that Mother Nature gives us every day.
The sunset is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, that can be seen from anywhere around the world, but particularly suggestive in front of a mirror of water. As the one we can take a picture of, every evening along the Pordelio Canal. An astounding game of lights and colours that with its nuances creates a truly romantic magical atmosphere.

Colours at sundown​

Take pictures of the sunset is a great classic, especially in the summer, when you can see the sun slowly disappearing down the line of the horizon.
Every one of us, stopped at least once, to have a picture of the sunset and to capture a show of colours that always turns to be a real emotion. The right exposure, a nice framing, a bit of post-production and it’s done! Of course, don’t forget to share it with your own friends in the social media!

Looking for the right place to watch the sunset​

We tried! Riding our bikes, we set out to find the right spot to watch the sunset in Cavallino-Treporti.
Departure from the Square of Santa Maria Elisabetta in Cavallino, here we started crossing the whole peninsula, riding along the Pordelio Canal, through the various routes suggested by the cycle paths.
At every clearing, we stopped to admire the sun going down, while the water was reflecting the light that slowly turned into yellow, orange and then pink and violet.

The top-ten points to watch sunset in Cavallino-Treporti​

First, keep in mind that, in this part of the Venetian coast, the sun never sets on the sea, but, enjoying the blue sky that merges with the sea contrasting with the gold of sand, is still a unique sight that has not to be missed. So, let’s concentrate on the Pordelio Canal.

Here are the top-ten points where you can admire the sunset and take pictures of it!

1. Square of Santa Maria Elisabetta (hamlet of Cavallino)
2. Via Pordelio, at the height of the ‘Crepaldo’ Telemetric Tower (hamlet of Ca’ Ballarin)
3. Via Pordelio, in the space near the ‘Trattoria Da Gino’ (hamlet of Ca’ Pasquali)
4. Bridge on the Pordelio Canal (hamlet of Ca’ Savio)
5. Via Portosecco (hamlet of Treporti)
6. At the ‘Ricevitoria’ in Treporti
7. Lungomare San Felice (hamlet of Punta Sabbioni)
8. Lighthouse of Punta Sabbioni
9. Lio Piccolo
10. Mesole

And you? Where did you see the best sunset in Cavallino Treporti? 

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