Treat yourself to unique moments
in Cavallino Treporti.

A real paradise between history and nature.

Come to visit Cavallino-Treporti for its wonderful lagoon, a natural oasis of pure beauty. For the hospitality and kindness of its people, for its great sea embracing the whole coast, for the immense golden beach -place of happiness for the family-, for its old villages linked to an ancient history, for the places where you can still feel the past and give life to the future and for its gastronomic traditions. It will be truly unforgettable. Cavallino-Treporti is waiting for you!
A real paradise between history and nature.

Be inspired by the experiences designed for you!

Our sea, an open air wonder


With its wide beaches of golden sand, the Cavallino Treporti coast welcomes the needs of the whole family. An oasis of pure beauty, with its crystalline and clear colours, it’s enriched by exclusive services.
The perfect place to relax and at the same time, experience the sweet warmth of the kids’ fun.

A beach of dreams; equipped in services and experiences.

Potion of longevity


Sport is good for the heart, spirit and soul. Who said you have to give it up on holiday? In Cavallino Treporti you will find facilities and equipment available to practice many outdoor activities, each and every day. From tennis to soccer, from basketball to beach volleyball, from swimming to surfing, from walking to jogging, without forgetting about the tournaments organised by our entertainment staff.

If you love hiking, do not miss the paths and cycle coast routes: on your bike, you can get to know and explore the most wonderful areas of this corner of paradise.

A splendid setting for your holiday


The Cavallino Treporti coastline is a timeless natural oasis, suspended between the sea and the Venice lagoon. Unique crystal clear waters, surrounded by long golden beaches, gentle dunes and lush pine woodlands.

In this scenario, rich in history, in unique and incredibly suggestive views, there are many varieties of flora and wildlife just waiting to be discovered. If you love nature and want to enjoy your holidays away from crowded places, you are in the right place.

Historical and cultural heritage to be discovered


On the Cavallino Treporti coast, in addition to the lagoon area, you can discover places and paths of great natural and cultural value: from characteristic villages, linked by a common history; to the military fortifications that take us back in time; up to the magnificent city of Venice and its enchanting islands - an artistic and historical heritage to be discovered!

Explore the beauties of Cavallino Treporti, a small cultural jewel, the perfect destination for a holiday that combines romance and art.

Typical flavours of Veneto


In the cuisine offered by the Cavallino Treporti’s restaurants, the Venetian tradition uses to the full, the raw materials of land, sea and lagoon offered by an enchanting territory.

The exquisite local products at “zero kilometres” will pleasantly surprise you and you will discover genuine flavours, able to satisfy the tastes of the young and old.

Relaxation for your family

Fun and well-being

Treat yourself to pleasant and brilliant moments in the accommodation facilities of Cavallino-Treporti.

Recharge your energy by choosing from the many solutions designed for the well-being and enjoyment of your family.
We have Xed the most exciting experience proposals to live with friends, loved ones or alone.

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