The fisherman's paradise
The fisherman's paradise

The fisherman's paradise

Lagoon, sea, river or canals?


Suitable for beginners and professionals alike, fishing alternates between the relaxation of waiting and the adrenalin rush of a sudden surprise, knowledge of the area and the habits of the animals, all immersed in nature and studying its rules, such as the tides or the phases of the moon.

As an angler, you will be spoilt for choice as to what kind of 'water' to put your experience and passion to use, and few areas like ours offer you as many options.

In Cavallino-Treporti the river Sile, the northern Venetian lagoon and the sea meet and mingle. Canals such as the Pordelio or Casson connect them and also allow movement by water from one to the other.


The perfect spot

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced fisherman, you can choose the location that suits you best from those suggested below. All of these locations can be reached by bicycle along the park's cycle paths, and these are just some of the many options.

Punta Sabbioni

Where the sea and the lagoon meet you can cast your line, make it make impossible trajectories to find the 'right' place, sit back and wait for the bite with the sun setting over Venice.

Armeni's Waterfront

Here you will have the islands of Torcello, Burano, Sant' Erasmo and San Francesco del Deserto as a backdrop and breathe in the scent of the lagoon from a location reminiscent of the shores of Venice with its characteristic street lamps.

Pordelio Canal

The Pordelio offers the view of the salt marshes covered with Limonium, inhabited by little egrets and knights of Italy, who will do a fishing competition with you.

Casson Canal

This canal allows you to reach the embankment on the river Sile. The 1600s Locks are worth a visit, even if only for a spritz break.

Adriatic Sea

From the jetties or directly on the beach, at dawn or dusk when there are no bathers.

Deep-sea fishing

If it is the big fish you are after, then rely on the most experienced captains who can accompany you and teach you all the secrets and techniques.

Fishing experience


If it is the first time you try your hand at it, our region offers courses where equipment and bait are included in the offer. You can also decide to rent an electric boat and go out in the lagoon with the whole family. From Treporti it is possible to embark on a fishing excursion in a traditional boat with a cooperative of Burano fishermen who will take you to the different fishing areas of the lagoon, showing you what fish can be caught there and how they are fished.

If you like fishing and being outdoors, you cannot miss a visit to one of our fish farms. To understand how this happens is to add a piece to your experience.

And if you believe that fishing is not a passive activity, where you sit and wait, then a dawn fishing trip with experienced companions who will introduce you to a different way of experiencing the sport is certainly for you. Don't forget to always inform yourself about permits and licences necessary for fishing. Contact our Information Office +39 041 8626322, othing should disturb your favourite sport.


Curiosity: In the past, the lagoon was also used for fishing with the "fagiaroto", a beacon, pointed at night from the rowing boat, in the shallow waters to catch mullet and cuttlefish.


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