Questions and answers


  • How do I get from the airport to Cavallino-Treporti?

    With the ATVO public bus you can reach Cavallino-Treporti in 40 minutes, the bus stops in front of the main accommodation facilities.
    With the "Venice by Boat" boat active on Saturday and Sunday, Punta Sabbioni can be reached in about 1 hour.

    Visit for updated timetables from the main airports and for the boat timetable.

  • How do I reach the weekly markets?

    The markets can be easily reached by bike through the numerous cycle and pedestrian paths or through the ATVO public transport line.

    On you can find all the updated timetables.

    In addition, during the summer months the Capitan Marino electric train, for the cost of € 3 return ticket, takes you to the main markets.

  • How do I reach Venice or the islands?

    From Punta Sabbioni every 14 minutes the ACTV public lines 14 and 15 leave for Venice, to the Islands lines 12 and 14.

    On you can find the updated timetables.

  • How much are the tickets for public transport?

    ACTV public boats, vaporetti and battelli:

    € 7.50 valid for a ride up to 75’
    € 20 valid for 24h
    € 30 valid for 48h
    € 40 valid for 72h
    € 60 valid for 7 days

    ATVO public service bus: € 2 valid for a 60-minute ride inside the Cavallino-Treporti area.

  • Can I go by bicycle to Venice?

    In Venice it is forbidden to move by the bicycle and / or scooters.

  • Can I go to the islands by bicycle?

    Bicycle transport is subject to the captain's decision and is allowed only to the Island of Sant’Erasmo and Lido di Venezia.


  • Where can I rent fridge or other camping equipment?

    Along Cavallino there are several points where you can buy and rent camping equipment. 

    Here are some of them:

    - BTS, Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta, Cavallino
    - Camping marrket, Via Fausta 269 (opposite Union Lido), Ca 'Ballarin
    - Camping Welt IT, Via Fausta 129 (near Chiesa Ca' Vio), Ca 'Vio

  • Where can I rent a boat?

    Here you can find motor boats, electric and without license, which can be rented on time:

    - Marina di Lio grando, Lungomare S. Felice, Punta Sabbioni - 041 966044
    - Blue Dream, via Pordelio 286, Ca 'Ballarin - 324 8004325 -
    - Laguniamo, via Del Casson 1, Cavallino - 329 2955501 -
    - Campello Marine c / o Marina del Cavallino, via Capo Horn 4, Cavallino - 041 968045 -

  • Where can I rent a bike?

    - BTS: Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta, Cavallino - 041 5370173
    - BIKE ON: Via Paolo Thaon di Revel, Ca' Vio - 328 8222596
    - Cicli Borsoi: Via Pordelio 424, Cavallino - 041 5370473
    - Noleggio & Parcheggio bici Punta Sabbioni: Via Fausta 5A, Punta Sabbioni - 041 8520053
    - Tuttobici di Tagliapietra Stefano: Via Fausta 165, Ca' Savio - 041 968899
    - Cavallino Bike di Angiolin Luca: Via delle Batterie 162, Ca' Vio - 349 8820000
    - Cavallino Rent: Corso Europa 3, Ca' di Valle - 347 3030180
    - Emporio della bici: Via Fausta 92, Ca' Savio - 041 658277

First Help

  • First intervention point PPI

    Open 24h/7 from May to September, from October to April 8.00-20.00

    PPI: via Concordia 31, Ca 'Savio

    Emergency telephone number 118


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