Active on the beach
Active on the beach

Active on the beach

An open-air gym

When the sea is calm, the sound of the undertow has a calming effect on body, soul and spirit.
When it is rough, the sea shows us the extent of nature’s force. Even a single walk along the seashore can turn into a relaxing experience.

Everyone knows that outdoor activities are particularly fun and keep your body healthy. But how do you make it an unforgettable and revitalising experience? Our beach offers you an open-air gym.

To each his own taste! Yoga or tai-chi on the beach, maybe at sunrise and near the rocks so as to enjoy an unmissable view and gift yourself a gratifying salute to the sun that makes you feel as one with nature.

Walking adventures

For a more proactive activity, you can try barefoot Nordic walking or a walk in the water. Maybe at sunset so as to enjoy the crisp sea breeze.

run on the beach is a must do – your articulations will thank you for having spared then when you run on a soft ground – and diving in the water when flushed feels a bit like being reborn.

And for those with a tougher spirit, running on dry sand is the right compromise.

A 15 km long swimming pool

Those who want to dare won’t miss the chance to try something new, like balancing on the SUP and adjusting to the swinging of the board. Or even better, yoga on the SUP. A crescent moon pose while keeping your balance on the water is really a great challenge. Setting out to sea in a canoe leaving everything behind, wandering with your gaze to infinity and to the sea that – for a few hours – will be yours is – to say the least – a therapeutic experience for both mind and spirit.

Taking advantage of windy days can give you a challenge with windsurf or an adventure in kite surf. It can also give you the chance to fly a kite and make both adults and children happy.

However, be careful and don’t walk on the dunes! Animals that must be protected live in there.

If you want to train the mind too, there’s nothing better than a chess game or a card game under the shade of the beach umbrella.

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